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Cast and Crew Bios

Mike Möller

Mike loved movies since he was a little child. He always sympathized with the heroes and tried to imitate them and sometimes even pretended to be one of them.

Mike´s love of those movies never faded away. In 1989 he started doing intense workout sessions.  Having set up a goal he was eager to reach, he started to combine martial arts with workouts for strength and condition.

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Award-winning action film Director/Fight choreographer/stunt performer Art Camacho has a vast experience in the entertainment industry, most recently having produced two Spanish language action films: Cage fight and Once upon a fight and was Consulting Producer on "The Jadagrace show" starring Motown legend Barry Gordy's granddaughter Jadagrace. Camacho wrote the story for Cage fight in addition to producing the movie. His studio releases include Sony Pictures "Half Past Dead 2". HPD 2. Camacho was the Action Coordinator/2nd unit director on the original (Half Past Dead starring Steven Seagal and Ja Rule).

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Coming to Theaters June 6th, 2013