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Mini Bio Mike Möller

Mike loved movies since he was a little child. He always sympathized with the heroes and tried to imitate them and sometimes even pretended to be one of them.

Mike´s love of those movies never faded away. In 1989 he started doing intense workout sessions.  Having set up a goal he was eager to reach, he started to combine martial arts with workouts for strength and condition.

At every opportunity he and his friends shot their own little short films. He has always been trying to improve his stunts, falls and choreograaphy and find out different ways of integrating them into the fighting scenes. And up to the present day things have not changed: He still spends a lot of time practicing and trying to improve his techniques, what finally made him probably the best Martial Artist Germany has to offer.

In 2000 something unimaginable happened and Mikes dream came true: He got the chance to work together with Donnie Yen on the German TV series 'DER PUMA'. During this time, Mike learned a lot and met people who were sharing his interests. They became close friends of him and supported Mike during the following years.

Another very important moment in his career was his nomination for the World Stunt Award Taurus in 2003 for his work in a team on the movie "Half Past Dead".

Mike has worked as a stuntman on high profile movies such as:
Resident Evil, The Challenge, Pandorum, Eragon, The International, Inglourious Basterds or Unknown Identity, just to name a few.

After more than a decade of being just the stuntman, Mike decided that it is time for a change and he moved in front of the camera for his first starring role in URBAN FIGHTER. A movie which he also produced, wrote and directed.  Urban Fighter turned out to be his breakthrough as an European Action Star. Shortly after Urban Fighter, he landed a starring role in the action movie ATOMIC EDEN.

As well as a supporting role in the French big budget movie THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, directed by legendary Christophe Gans (the director of BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF).


Coming to Theaters June 6th, 2013